In simple terms, we develop, design, construct, refurbish and operate outstanding buildings.


Construction is at the core of Hayden Group. 

Everything we do is produced with our clients in mind and to help them achieve their goal.

We have a unique insight into construction. Our construction division and ethos filters down into all the other divisions, ensuring that what we think, sketch, consider and design is inclusive, practical and “buildable”.

Our team has over 100 years’ experience of building and construction knowledge to support our approach. This benefits our clients immensely as it reduces risk, construction time and ultimately project cost. Our detailed workmanship, commitment to quality and continued effort for improvement provides our clients with great peace of mind in the final product.

Quality is at the heart of our construction team. We have developed measurable and quantifiable standards and procedures to ensure we achieve the required outcome(s). This has migrated itself over to our Design Division creates or revises the technical specification for every item we build. This ensures that our craftsmen delivers on our promise and commitment to our clients.

Our construction team produces inspection and test plans (I & TPs) for various elements of the build. These plans spell out the activity to be performed against its verification activity, proving the works have been carried out, against the numerous inspection of verification body namely Building Control, 3rd party stakeholders, client inspectors, or the supplier warranty inspector. On completion these I & TPs for a part of our clients’ handover pack.

Our tradesman are professionals whom take pride in their work. They are share our passion for quality and producing well-constructed products. They are also friendly, organised and assets to any site or project.

We pride ourselves on our “safety first” approach which has resulted in our impeccable safety record.  Our staff are trained well and  regularly to ensure that all parties arrive and go home safely everyday.